NO EDITIONS presentation for spring summer 2016

"Every item, style or object presented under the ' no editions ' name is produced only once with a unique print design or other decoration. Each design or item is part of an online archive -- once an item is sold or otherwise becomes unavailable it is marked - not available - but it remains visible as part of the online series and archive. The individual print designs are created and grouped in series. Each series is listed online with a title, information about the style, material, and the amount of items in this series -- this information is printed on the inside of every item, along with its unique serial number and the � no editions � logo. The differences between print designs within a series are created and developed based on various artistic, personal, aesthetic or sequential criteria, and are not the result of random manual or mechanical finishing. The differences can be very visible or very subtle, depending on the series. ' no editions ' print designs are based on specific concepts, comprising one or several series. The variety of context and contents mostly originates in the reflection, appropriation, merger, overlay and fragmentation of the continuous visual stream of daily media coverage - text, images and videos. Such methods are repeated in the actual digital design process and are part of a new, specifically developed printing process and production method, that allows the immediate realization of prints on fully or half assembled garments. The printings on the final garments extend over stitchings, bindings, finishing and edges and result in a very refined and unique look . All raw materials are selected to ensure the highest quality standard from artwork to final garment and include finest Italian silks, cottons and wools sourced from traditional couture suppliers, Japanese premium selvage and organic denims and finest Italian jerseys. � no editions � uses non-toxic, eco friendly inks and printing technology. The styles and shapes are influenced by simple and geometric patterns and historic forms - poncho, tunic, wrap, kimono, T-shirt - and cut in straight grain or bias to achieve either a looser fit or a body conscious silhouette. serial numbers / identification code Every series is attributed a specific date and time duration, every consecutive second of this time period is used to create a unique serial number to identify each piece of the series. If a series has as duration of 1 minute ( 2007 January 10 - 23 : 30 : 11 to 23 : 31 : 10 ) it has 60 items, each one with its own, specific print design and consecutive, unique serial number / identification code printed inside, below the 'no editions' logo. This serial number / identification code consists of the first letters of a series title, the date, the start time and four consecutive digits at the end, representing the seconds - in above case : xxxx_20070110_233011_0001 to xxxx_20070110_233011_0060. The use of the title and date / time as identification code creates the possibility of reference - to its content / designs, its origins, historical, a personal choice - or it can be random."

by No editions website

I only took the best moment of their presentation on 28 June 2015

For more detail of the collection, please go to :


















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